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Potions & Pyrelight

The Legend of Zelda - Lake Floria

The Legend of Zelda - Lake Floria

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Coconut-Soy Wax Candle

Inspired by: The Legend of Zelda game series


"A spirit of lightning has taken the form of this giant dragon. Making its home in the Faron region, it's said to have served the Spring of Courage since ancient times. And old saying goes, "The dragon ascends to the heavens as the sun begins to set." but nobody has seen this in the current age. The electricity that coats its body makes it dangerous to get near, but Farosh bears no ill will toward people."

— Farosh description, Breath of the Wild

 * * *

Materials: Glass jar, hand poured 100% vegan coconut-soy wax blended with phthalate free custom fragrance oils specific to Potions & Pyrelight, candle dye, ecoglitter, cotton or crackling wooden wick.

Approximate burn time: 55-60 hours

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