=- Creatively Crafted Coconut-Soy Candles & Handmade Bath & Body Products Inspired by Books, Games, and Other Fandoms =-

Welcome to Potions & Pyrelight Candle Co., where we bring your favorite fictional characters, places, and memories to life - in candle form! We use super high quality, clean burning and vegan cruelty free wax, phthalate free luxurious fragrance oil combinations we blend ourselves, and we offer crackling wooden wicks with all of our candles for no extra charge because we believe that even a small flame can and should feel like your own personal campfire.

Here's the thing. Life is tough out there. Like, REALLY tough. And it is hard to unwind, be present, and reconnect with our true selves just on our own. Candles are an essential part of our self-care tool kit because they help us to do just that, and even doubley so when they are able to spark joyful memories of our most treasured childhood (or recent!) inspirations. It is our personal mission here to help you to re-experience those memories mentally, emotionally, and even physically. What will allow yourself to rediscover about your heart in the coming days?

Fandom-inspired Bath & Body Products

Genshin Impact Character Collection

Legend of Zelda Collection

Final Fantasy VII