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Potions & Pyrelight

Pokemon - #710 Pumpkaboo

Pokemon - #710 Pumpkaboo

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Coconut-Soy Wax Candle 

Inspired by: Pokemon console games by Nintendo, Pokemon Go!, Pokemon trading card game and television cartoon series.


Classification: Pumpkin Pokemon (Ghost/Grass-type)

Description: "The pumpkin body is inhabited by a spirit trapped in this world. As the sun sets, it becomes restless and active." - Pokemon Ruby

* * *

Materials: Glass jar, hand poured 100% vegan coconut-soy wax blended with phthalate free custom fragrance oils specific to Potions & Pyrelight, candle dye, ecoglitter, crackling wooden wick.

Approximate burn time for 8 oz. candle: 60-70 hours

**Candler's Impressions**:  In an effort to facilitate more pumpkin minimal-/no-spice representation, Pumpkaboo was lovingly created by combining scents of airy, whipped vanilla-kissed pumpkin puree with the creamiest of lightly-sweetened oat milk, mixed together with notes of slow-baked nutmeg pumpkin chunks. Get your fall on. ;)

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