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Potions & Pyrelight

Final Fantasy VII - Jenova

Final Fantasy VII - Jenova

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Coconut-Soy Wax Candle

Inspired by: FFVII ReMake and Original by Square-Enix


"You should have ruled this planet. You were stronger, smarter. But then they came, those inferior dullards...They came and took this planet away from you. But don't be sad, Mother. I am with you now. (Rips away the casing to reveal Jenova) We meet at last...Mother." - Sephiroth, FFVII.

"空から来た厄災" - "Heaven's Dark Harbringer" - name given to Jenova by the Cetra.

* * *

Materials: Glass jar, hand poured 100% vegan coconut-soy wax blended with phthalate free custom fragrance oils specific to Potions & Pyrelight, candle dye, ecoglitter, cotton or crackling wooden wick.

Approximate burn time for 8 ounce candle: 60-70 hours

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