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Potions & Pyrelight

Final Fantasy - Moogle

Final Fantasy - Moogle

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Coconut-Soy Wax Candle 

Inspired by: Final Fantasy Series; FFVII ReMake by Square Enix


"These mysterious beings tend to flock around humans, closer to man than beast. They communicate via their network Mognet and their distinctive cry of 'Kupo!' and fluffy appearance endear them to all." - Theatrhythm Final Fantasy CollectaCard description.

"The hair! Watch the hair! I'm not a stuffed animal, kupo!" - Mog, Final Fantasy VI.

* * *

Materials: Glass jar, hand poured 100% vegan coconut-soy wax blended with phthalate free custom fragrance oils specific to Potions & Pyrelight, candle dye, ecoglitter, crackling wooden wick.

Approximate burn time: 60-70 hours

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